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Cardiac Arrhythmia Diagnostic Solution

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Are you passionate about transforming healthcare and making a meaningful impact on patients’ lives? Do you enjoy working with high performers in a fast-paced and agile environment? Then join us at i.SigNal.

Truly Cares for Every Heartbeat

Cardea SOLOTM Changes the Way

you Diagnose Arrhythmia

Revolutionary Wearable ECG All-Inclusive System

FDA-Cleared Cardea SOLOTM is an all-inclusive ambulatory cardiac monitoring system that combines wearable patch technology with automated and editable ECG data analysis software.

Why Cardea SOLO™

Clinically Smart

Single-use patch reduces risks of infection and cross-contamination and helps to minimize maintenance. Offering All-Inclusive ECG System in your hands enables hospitals and clinicians to own 100% full disclosure of raw data.


With water-resistant, wireless, and wearable technology, patients can maintain daily activities including a shower. It is convenient for all patients as Cardea SOLO™ does not require carrying the mobile phone or manipulating the application.


Offering a full package with skin prep materials, application template, and removal pad is a powerful yet flexible tool to collect better ECG quality data and minimize skin irritation of patients. Even raw material like hydrogel was used as premium quality to optimize the best wearing experience as well as high adhesion.

Increased Efficiency
in Practice

All-Inclusive ECG System with In-Office Software enables direct and immediate access to patient’s ECG data and analysis. It integrates seamlessly into the clinical practice and provides a comprehensive report in only 5 minutes to help clinical decision making and reduce diagnostic delays.

Fast and Simple
7-Day Process

What took months now takes a few days with Cardea SOLOTM. Patients can save time without any unnecessary waiting. Patients can start ECG monitoring upon prescription on the first day of a hospital visit and end the monitoring by simply removing the patch.Once the patch is returned, an ECG analysis report is generated immediately for clinical review making a faster diagnosis and clinical management process for the patient.

Accurate and Higher
Arrhythmia Detection Rate

Our unique internal memory embedded into the patch measures every single heartbeat without any interruptions. It enables true continuous ECG monitoring for up to 7 days leading to higher diagnostic yield.

Reduce time to diagonse AFib

with Cardea SOLOTM

Efficiently reduce the number of hospital visits by half, from 4 to 2,
and shorten the diagnostic process by more than 2 months to only 7 days
with the revolutionary Cardea SOLOTM.

Working together toward Connected Patient Care

As the true partner of many start-ups and innovators in the field of digital healthcare,
i.SigNal takes shared leadership and responsibility for product development and production
through capital investment as well as accumulated expertise and legacy in IT communication manufacturing.

Our partnership does not end at the point of DREAMTECH’s mass production legacy.
We continue to help evolve medical device “technology” into true healthcare “solutions” through
extensive value-adding business process with our in-house clinical affairs, market research, RA/QA, and commercial team
for sustainable success with our partners and for benefits of patients, healthcare professionals, and hospitals.

From ambulatory ECG patches to real-time multi parameter patient monitoring patches,
all products innovate to improve patient diagnosis and monitoring, In and Outside the hospitals,
by enhancing Connected and Seamless care.

"TEAMWork Makes

The goals and actions we take at i.SigNal are all about making a positive impact on global healthcare.

We achieve that by bringing cutting-edge, innovative, and high-quality solutions that
solve current challenges for the benefit of patients and clinicians at all points of care.

But it is not the only impact that we are making.
We also bring a positive impact to the industry through our sustainable and healthy corporate culture.
So, by joining i.SigNal, you not only join the over 20 years of legacy of production and technological innovation
from DREAMTECH, but you also become a member of a great culture that prioritizes people and their
continuous growth.

Here are some key attributes that we expect everyone at i.SigNal to incorporate in their work always:

  • Create Value and take shared Responsibility to make i.SigNal a Better Work & Life Place for everyone
  • Take action proactively with an Entrepreneur spirit, Accountability, and Ownership to make a Difference
  • Make success through Synergy through Unshakable Teamwork, Seamless Collaboration and Respect for colleagues
  • Help yourself and others to learn, grow, and develop
  • Celebrate small and big winnings and achievements daily
  • Embrace Diversity and Inclusivity

Your Growth is Our Growth

i.SigNal grows through individual and professional development.

We support everyone in i.SigNal who is determined to take new career opportunities for growth. In this exciting but still challenging career journey, and especially in the beginning stage, having a competency gap is natural. We are always interested in and dedicated to learning how to support your and our development together.

We provide..

  • Systematic in-house clinical, product, work-skill education and coaching sessions to empower you to take an evolutionary professional journey in the international medical device industry
  • 3rd party professional development programs to allow you to better contribute to organizational excellence by enhancing your competency