DREAMTECH, the Technology Enabler
Now committed to Digital Healthcare Evolution
with i.SigNal

i.SigNal was founded in 2019 by DREAMTECH as a new dedicated brand and organization for digital healthcare business, delivering both innovation and high quality throughout the whole value chain from R&D and product development to global commercialization and distribution.

We are driven to improve healthcare across the world by transforming cutting-edge digital technology into a reliable digital healthcare solution for the benefit of patients and clinicians at all points of care.


Why i.SigNal

Our commitment to delivering Innovation is done by identifying and acquiring innovative digital healthcare technologies that have great potential to bring benefits to patients and HCPs.

Our innovation is not only the new technology itself but also benefit and true value of the solution enabled by both the technology and strategic commercialization process out of a deep understanding of healthcare practices and existing pain points.

Although our technology is identified, acquired, developed and approved mostly in the United States and European market, i.SigNal's commercialization process is always customized and developed centering around needs of customers and partners in Asia Pacific region.

Our winning strategy is always shaped based on deepening market insights, accumulating experiences and robust business relationships in Asia Pacific region. Being based in South Korea allows us to provide more dedicated service and timely support to our partners and customers through carefully listening about specific challenge and demand of Asia Pacific healthcare market. 

Working hand in hand with our partners, we continuously develop our insight and understanding of Asia Pacific Markets by proactively listening to, and adapting our processes based on, the voice of customers and through the organizational effort of systematic series of market researches and empathized learning culture.

Our commercial excellence is perceivable in the commitment of our sales and marketing teams to superior standards, present in distinctive new product launch with a robust go-to-market strategy.

From providing market analysis tools and know-how to localizing value proposition and sharing best practices to the partners, our dedicated commercial team will lead and shape the market together with our local partners. 

We ensure an equal level of commercial excellence for all our business partners by creating cross-country marketing initiatives and leveraging our marketing activities across all our markets. 

One of the core aspects of  the i.SigNal brand is our clinical intelligence. Our in-house clinical affairs team consists of licensed and trained healthcare specialists with professional experience in hospitals, with the goal of providing dedicated clinical knowledge to our business partners and international medical research trend to healthcare professionals throughout Asia Pacific.

Also, with our growing experience of clinical trials with reputed research centers & teaching institutions, our partners in APAC can join this initiative and receive professional support for conducting local trials.

Our stable supply chain is built around a legacy of mass production with global clients, such as Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Mobis, and with the compliance of global quality standards such as ISO 13485.

Through accurate demand planning, our supply chain also guarantees Adaptability, Effectiveness, and Reliability to our partners.

Moreover, our global scale manufacturing capabilities and legacy enable us to achieve price advantage through cost management efficiency that is critical in the Asia Pacific region.