Working together toward Connected Patient Care

As the true partner of many start-ups and innovators in the field of digital healthcare,
i.SigNal takes shared leadership and responsibility for product development and production
through capital investment as well as accumulated expertise and legacy in IT communication manufacturing.

Our partnership does not end at the point of DREAMTECH’s mass production legacy.
We continue to help evolve medical device “technology” into true healthcare “solutions” through
extensive value-adding business process with our in-house clinical affairs, market research, RA/QA, and commercial team
for sustainable success with our partners and for benefits of patients, healthcare professionals, and hospitals.

From ambulatory ECG patches to real-time multi parameter patient monitoring patches,
all products innovate to improve patient diagnosis and monitoring, In and Outside the hospitals,
by enhancing Connected and Seamless care.

True Partner of DIGITAL HEALTHCARE Start-ups
from Product Development to Commercialization and Beyond


In the Investment Phase, DREAMTECH and the i.SigNal brand search for promising Start-ups with technological advancements, not only to invest capital but also to invest, as a Strategic Partner, its business expertise in IT and medical devices to the benefit of the Product Development, Manufacturing, and International Commercialization of the product.


In the Product Development Phase, the experience and capabilities of the company in Research & Development, Production, Manufacturing, Regulatory, Clinical Affairs, Upstream Marketing, and Quality Assurance are leveraged to elevate the product’s potential in preparation for global release.


In the Commercialization Phase, the business unit at iSigNal engages with the local partners with the optimal business profile and organizational fit to execute its Product Launch Strategy. The team is dedicated to grow the distribution of the product and support its expansion and success across multiple healthcare markets.

Work Together