Personal Information Consent Form when joining as a member of the website

Personal Information Processing Agreement

Dreamtech Co., Ltd. i.SigNal (hereinafter "the Company") provides product-related information to health care professionals. After signing up, you will be provided with guidance about the various products and services provided by the company, and other medical information. Please read the following, and if you agree, please sign the lower part of the agreement and we will help you register.

● Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information

- Required: Name, phone number (mobile phone), email address, country, city, license number
- Choice: Job type, treatment subject, hospital name, hospital address
- Website usage history (login time, visited pages within the website and time spent on each page, inflow channels to the website, activities on your website such as topics and contents, search terms, etc. selected and viewed by the user on the website and website usage history), (automatic collection items) access log, access IP information, last login date

Purpose of Use: Website Membership registration and management; verification of identity and membership status according to the use of membership services; prevention of duplicate registration, illegal use, unauthorized use, etc.; provision of services through the website; handling of civil complaints based on website usage and delivery of notices; handling of inquiries, complaints, and responses; responding to disputes; keeping records of handling complaints about products and reporting side effects; analyzing members' service use status; improving website; and, understanding site usage trends
Retention Period: Until membership withdrawal, unless there is an obligation to preserve your personal information specified in the relevant laws and regulations

You may refuse to consent to the collection and use of personal information as described above; however, if you do not consent to the collection and use of necessary information, membership registration will not be permitted.
If you agree to the following, you can receive the company's information delivery service through various channels such as telephone, email, mail, and other websites, in addition to services provided through the site. If you would like to receive the latest company information, please agree to the following.

● Consent to the Use of Personal Information for Marketing Purposes, such as medical information delivery and product promotion (Optional)

The information collected as specified above can be used for marketing purposes such as delivery of medical and pharmaceutical information and product promotion as follows during the above retention and use period.
Performing marketing activities, such as guidance on academic events and events for health care professionals including online and offline product presentations, sending invitations, providing notification services, etc., using various online and offline channels (“various channels”) such as visit, phone, email, text, mail, website, mobile app, and remote detailing Providing guidance regarding company products and services through various channels (including guidance regarding new information transmission channels), and other medical information transmission and acquisition activities Collection, delivery, and statistical calculation of other marketing information including various channels Handling and recording medical information inquiries through various channels Calculation of statistics on medical information inquiries and website use
You have the right to refuse to consent to the use of personal information for marketing purposes as described above, but if you do not agree, you will not be able to receive information such as event guidance.

● Consent to consignment of personal information processing business (Optional)

When the Company provides services for marketing purposes such as medical information delivery and product promotion through various channels, it entrusts the personal information processing work to external companies as follows.

Consignee Contents of consigned work

Company name Email sending system

For inquiries about withdrawal of consent to the use of personal information, please contact
Please contact to report any product abnormalities.
If you have any questions about product information, please contact our website or call our representative at 031-620-1520.